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Along Came Trudy Events & Cafe


     Dec. 4th, Along Came Trudy was visited by OSHA, OLCC, and Oregon Lottery all on the same day. OLCC and Oregon Lottery pulled their licenses and OSHA threatened a fine of up to $500 per DAY per violation. Instead of being bullied into closing her doors permanently which is what would have happened had she complied with the unlawful mandates, the owner, Trudy, chose to stand for her family, the families of her employees, her business, every other business owner, for you and me, and for Liberty by opening her doors! The following Monday, Dec. 7th, a call was put out and the community came together in a beautiful display of support and love of freedom. 

     Tuesday, Dec. 8th, OSHA requested a police escort to her business and was denied. As of Friday, they had yet to show up and if they do, will be met with a community standing together against their overreach. In the meantime, business is booming!

Can we help you too?

     If you would like to open your business but aren't sure where to begin or feel alone in this endeavor, we WANT to help you! No business owner should fear retribution from the government for simply exercising their rights of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, feed their families, pay the bills, and provide for their employees. We will stand with you! 

Feel free to reach out at:

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