Proposed Bill HJR 206 - Back off Führerin Brown!

The past 2 years we have seen the governor abuse her authority and impose tyrannical orders upon the citizens of Oregon. She has failed to abide by the oath she

took to uphold the Constitution. The People, not the governor, shall decide how to operate their businesses, live their lives, take care of their health, and what they inject into their bodies or wear on their faces. This is called LIBERTY! She is a traitor to The People, to the Constitution, and to the foundational beliefs upon which this nation was built. When lawsuits were pursued, we saw the courts fail to uphold the Constitution and choose tyranny over liberty. They interpreted the law not as it was written but through the lense of their own personal beliefs and opinions on whether or not they agreed with the Governor. Personal beliefs and opinions have NO place in our court system. What matters is the Constitutionality of an order. Simply put, did the governor have the authority to impose mandates that violated the liberty of The People? No.

Since the courts and governor can't seem to understand black and white issues, it is time to pull out the crayons in an attempt to put it in easily understood terms. A bill has been introduced to do this. HJR 206 states ( in a nutshell) that: * A governor's emergency declarations may only last for 30 days and must list every county affected.

* Once the emergency declaration has expired, the governor may not issue a new one pertaining to any matter or situation reasonable related to the orginal declaration of emergency. * The governor may only declare the same type of emergency 1 year after the first has expired. * Counties may extend the emergency declaration if the want but they are not required to and the governor may not retaliate against any county that chooses not to extend the emergency in their county.

HJR 206 - Limits Governor's Emergency Powers
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