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Calls To Action

Keep up with current Calls to Action! Whether it be showing up to support a small business, email and call campaigns, medical freedom issues, property rights, ect. We will do our best to keep you informed!


Get the test or get fired with a police escort!

TODAY Thursday 9/2

Pacific View Senior Care facility in Bandon is requiring the injection and/or test for employees.

One of our own, is on a firing hold right now, meaning she will be fired if she does not receive the faulty Covid test. She is due to have police called to remove her at noon.

Please call Pacific View now at 541-435-0352. If you can show up in person to join a sudden stand in solidarity with her, please do! It’s on the Jetty road in Bandon.

1000 6th Ave W.
Bandon, OR 97411

Bring any sign you can. Please remember to be respectful and professional! No cursing, no yelling accusations, and no impropriety. We are the new standard of lawfulness, so let’s all show them what that means. See you down there!


Thursday, 9/2 3:30pm ~

She has been suspended without pay. Their reasoning being the phone calls and protest down the road from the facility. She is asking that no more phone calls be made so the facility's phone lines are not clogged and they can make outgoing calls on behalf of the residents if needed. Thank you all for your support of her. If there is anything further needed, we will let you know.

Thursday, 9/2 12:30pm ~

She is no longer inside. She will be showing up to work her next shift Monday morning which begins at 6:30am. 

Police were called but did not get involved and did not escort her off the property, upholding their oath and not infringing upon her right to medical liberty.

She had previously taken a PCR test and suffered an adverse reaction. She will not do it again and it is her RIGHT to decline a medical test or procedure! 

Check back for updates!

PAST Calls to Action

"I have the authority as a law enforcement officer to take away people's rights." 
~Benton County Undersheriff, Greg Ridler
August 17, 2021

Benton County Sheriff has said they will refuse to allow a member in to complete their CHL paperwork without a mask! They have also threatened trespass and arrest. This office clearly believes they are above the Oregon Constitution, Oregon laws, and the People so we need to show up with him in numbers! 

This member has religious reasons AND reasons under ADA for not wearing a mask. The county has also not responded to his request for an ADA exemption. We will be supporting his right to EQUAL ACCESS UNDER THE LAW and his SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.


Benton County Sheriff's office
Thursday 8/19 (tomorrow) @ 10:30am 

180 NW Fifth St.
Corvallis, OR



  1. Printouts of applicable laws to hand to sheriff/personnel 

  2. Phone for recording/facetiming

  3. Any relevant signage


  1. Let the member we are supporting lead, but be strong in your support for him

  2. Be polite but firm, reasonable and confident

  3. Don’t argue or be aggressive in any way



  • Katie Cooper: sheriff’s office admin assist. 541.766.6811 

  • Greg Ridler: Benton County Undersheriff 541.766.6870 

  • Jef Van Arsdall: Benton County Sheriff 541.766.6858 

  • Joseph Kerby (mask exemptions): 541.766.6800 

  • Benton County Board of Commissioners Office: 541.766.6800

  • Nancy Wyse: Commissioner 

  • Pat Malone: Commissioner 

  • Xanthippe Augerot: Chair 

Email addresses of the above people that you may copy and paste into one email so they all receive it:,

More here:

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1. Oregon Constitution, Article 1, Section 3 –
Freedom of religious opinion

No law shall in any case whatever control the free exercise, and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience.


2. Oregon statute ORS 659A.403 –
Discrimination in Place of Public Accommodation Prohibited

(1) . . . all persons within the jurisdiction of this state are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation, without any distinction, discrimination or restriction on account of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status or age if the individual is of age. . . .

(3) It is an unlawful practice for any person to deny full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation in violation of this section.


3. Oregon statute ORS 166.291 –
Issuance of Concealed Hand Gun License

(1) The sheriff of a county, upon a person’s application for an Oregon concealed handgun license . . . shall issue the person a concealed handgun license [upon meeting all criteria—[which this person does].

Fourth of July Airplanes
Fourth of July Airplanes
Fourth of July Airplanes

Fined for celebrating 4th of July in Creswell, OR

This year, like last, the city of Creswell decided to cancel their 4th of July parade. Last year, a citizen decided to organize one to replace it. There were no issues as the parade was considered a protected activity under the 1st Ammendment as long as all traffic control were obeyed, which they were. Permits were also not needed because they were not requesting the city to block off traffic for the parade.

Fast forward to this year's cancelled city 4th of July parade. This time not one but two people each decided to organize a parade for the 4th of July. Multiple efforts were made by the city to dissuade various people/groups from participating and to interfere with this Constitutionally protected activity and organizers were threatened with fines. In accordance with the American values of living life free from arbitrary restraints, the people came together anyway to celebrate their freedom in a beautiful display of celebration of independence from tyrannical rulers over 200 years ago! Rather ironic, isn't it? No traffic violations, no tickets, no disturbances of the peace occurred, just a celebration.

On Monday, the two organizers who failed to cower to intimidation from their public servants were cited by the Sheriff's department (they are contracted by the city) for OVER $2,500 to EACH of them for "solicitating and confederating" to hold a "Prohibited Activity - Parade". In response to the city's blatant disregard of the people's right to speech, peaceful assembly, and the exercise of their basic right of LIBERTY and in addition to their intentions of punishing those who would dare assert their rights, we are holding a "Prohibited Activity" Parade in protest of the city and Sheriff department's actions. 

Details are in the flyer below that is currently being circulated. 

Until then, please also call and e-mail Scott Denham with Lane County Sheriff's office and who is also the Creswell Contract Sergeant.