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Thurs. Jan. 20

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This event is being held at the SAME TIME as the OHA meeting where they are discussing making mask rules PERMANENT. 

In order to accommodate the large amount of people who are planning on submitting comment during the meeting there will be a canopy set up where you can zoom call in while attending the BBQ party outside. Please plan on doing both and join us for a fun day of civil defiance and protest.

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Tue. Feb 1st

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Please join Oregonians for Medical Freedom along with Children's Health Defense of Oregon, Free Oregon, and People's Rights on February 1st at the state Capitol, the first day of the legislative session. This will be a peaceful rally in support of medical freedom. We must stand together united, vaccinated and unvaccinated, to show our support for medical freedom in our beautiful state. Silence is no longer an option. Speakers, music, and your fellow Oregonians!